Dorset and Hampshire’s Leading Inventory Provider

Why choose us?


Experience – We have over 15 years of experience in compiling inventories and check outs for both letting agents and private landlords.


Quality – We pride ourselves on producing high quality reports which stand up to Deposit Scheme scrutiny.


Reliable and Professional – You can relax knowing that once a job is booked in with us it will be carried out at the agreed time and date.


Fully Insured – We have both Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What we offer


An indepth and comprehensive report on your property carried out before the tenants move in.

Check Outs

A detailed check out of the original inventory against the condition of the property after the tenants have left.


Mid term inspections to ensure that your property is being kept to a good standard both in terms of cleanliness and overall condition.


Smoke and carbon monoixide alarm testing prior to tenant move in to ensure compliance.

What our clients say

I have had the pleasure of using E.G. Inventories for over 15 years and have never once considered using an alternative inventory provider.

Emma is always happy to go the extra mile to be flexible and accommodate any last minute needs.

Above all the product and service they provide is detailed, accurate and second to none.

— Mr Kieran Piper, Director, Southcoast Property

We have been using E.G. Inventories for the last 10 years on all our properties.

I would highly recommend Emma and her team, they are always professional and reliable, we are very happy with their services.

They even go the extra mile when that “last minute” inventory is required.

— Positive Property Group

Do I really need an inventory?

Inventories are one of the only ways to protect your investment.

If the landlord and tenant cannot agree on how the deposit should be returned, then the deposit scheme has set up a dispute resolution service. However, if there is no detailed inventory in place then there is often little hope of a landlord succeeding in any claim against a tenant for dilapidations.

Equally, a poorly compiled inventory will not be viewed as acceptable to an adjudicator or court. The inventory must be robust and defensible if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts.

Even if a property is unfurnished there is a need for a comprehensive and detailed inventory as, often, damage occurs to fixtures and fittings, carpets, curtains and outside areas.