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With the new deposit legislation now in force can you afford to be without a professional inventory?

The introduction of the Compulsory Tenancy Deposit Scheme in 2007 has highlighted the need for a comprehensive and detailed inventory.

If the landlord and tenant cannot agree on how the deposit should be returned, then the deposit  scheme has set up a dispute resolution service. However, if there is no detailed inventory in place then there is often little hope of a landlord succeeding in any claim against a tenant for dilapidations. Houses

Equally, a poor inventory will not be viewed as acceptable to an adjudicator or court. The inventory must be robust and defensible if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts.

Even if a property is unfurnished there is a need for a comprehensive and detailed inventory as often damage occurs to fixtures and fittings, carpets, curtains and outside areas.

Inventories cost on average less than 10% of the monthly rental value of a property but could save you hundreds of pounds.

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