Comprehensive Inventory and Schedule of Condition

Includes compiling a detailed description of the condition and contents of the property including any outbuildings and gardens, taking a picture of each room and of significant damage and taking meter readings.

Tenant Check In

Includes meeting the tenant at the property, handing over keys (if held by us), taking meter readings, reading through the inventory in detail with the tenant pointing out significant damage, arranging for the inventory to be signed, completing the check in form and returning the signed documents to the landlord / agent.

Check Out Report

Includes meeting the tenant at the property (if the tenant wishes to attend), working through the signed inventory comparing the current condition of each item with the original inventory, taking possession of the keys, obtaining a forwarding address, taking meter readings, taking photographs of any significant damage and garden, returning keys and completed check out form to the landlord / agent and forwarding the typed up report.

Interim Inspections

Includes visiting the property at intervals arranged with the landlord / agent and compiling a report detailing any damage caused by the tenants and any cleaning issues. The clerk will also relay any issues the tenant has back to the landlord / agent.


This service is available only when EG Inventories compiled the original inventory, otherwise a new inventory must be compiled. The update includes working through the original inventory and making amendments as necessary, new photographs will also be taken as will meter readings.

Full and Part Tenant Referencing

Part references – full credit search from the leading credit agencies, detailing any adverse credit on record, ccj’s and bankruptcy orders.

Full references – full credit search as above, plus previous landlord and employer references.

We can also reference companies.

Energy Performance Certificates – (compulsory for re let or newly let properties)